The survival genre has always been one of the most popular within indie gaming. Sadly, given how popular and how many survival games there are, many of them just aren’t that great to play. Even worse, many indie survival games are asset flips and shovel ware.

Looking for the best indie survival games to play and participate in this late 2020? That’s where we can help. In this video, Get Indie Gaming take you through the top 10 best indie survival games you should play in 2020 for PC, Ps4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

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Top 10 Best Survival Games for 2020:
00:00 – Introduction
00:31 – 10: Astroneer:
01:26 – 9 This War of Mine:
03:00 – 8: Project Winter:
04:18 – 7: Frost Punk:
05:41 – 6: Among Trees:
06:50 – 5: Rust: :
07:34 – 4: No Man’s Sky:
08:44 – 3: Don’t Starve Together:
09:41 – 2: The Long Dark:
10:49 – 1: Subnautica: