Update patch Notes

– Dish boost’s timer is now properly reflect time left till the end of boost
– Fixed behaviour and sound glitches of Mutant Beast
– Fixed health bar of damaged enemy not showing sometimes
– Fixed death stashes of killed players sometimes levitating
– Fixed invalid price of skip displayed in various workstations
– Fixed interruptions of cutting trees when player was below tree
– Now you can share loot from mobs and stashes with other players. They can take what you leave behind.
– New workstations:
– Saw table (to make wood/oak planks)
– Stone cutting table (to make stone bricks)
– Composter (to transform organics into simple fertiliser)
– New items:
– Fertiliser
– Stone bricks
– Cement
– List of all possible recipes in handcraft view. It’s now easier to discover what can be crafted
– List of recipes inside workstation now shows all recipes, even from higher workstation levels
– Left attack button stops firing when finger leaves it’s area
– Explosives:
– Grenade explosion time decreased to make it more useful
– Grenade launcher damage increased
– Grenade, grenade launcher, bear bomb explosive range increased
– The cow has been taught to moo a little quieter and less often in the player base

I just want to add, while this update is not a large content update, it was one focused on going in between the next planned update. We’re working on something pretty big currently, which is a new major content feature “Events”. I’ll be providing a potential sneak peek soon!

About Tomorrow
Tomorrow has come! This ultimate online real-time multiplayer survival game will take you for a trip to the uncertain future.

It’s the 2040s – the Earth is not as it was just two decades before. Radioactive fallout took a toll on humanity and changed the lives of those who survived. The daily struggle to find food and shelter is even bigger when you need to fend off the attacks of mutant creatures and humanoids. Join the Sega community and immerse yourself in play genesis games online.

Tomorrow is a survival RPG that lets you customize your own character and start a thrilling adventure. Build your own base, raid the open world for resources and defend yourself from infected monsters. Team up with your friends, roleplay and take part in a full of action PVP battle.

The extensive crafting system will allow you to create your own weapons and items, as well as to develop the construction of your new home. To have the best shot at survival, you can hunt animals and prepare your own food. Explore nearby locations, where rust covered barrels and special packs hide valuable loot and resources that might just save your life.

You can build a variety of weapons that will give you an advantage upon a clash with an enemy. From a simple bat to a plasma gun – you can participate in melee combat as well as shooter-like skirmishes. Kill the army of monsters, defeat hostile survivors and don’t die!

The post-apocalyptic world is slowly starting to revive, but humanity must fight to live another day. Will you survive?