Rye finally returns to Deadside, one of the hardest / harshest Survival games around, at least to Rye. A lot of obstacles were overcome, many people were killed, and even more braincells were lost. This is a survival game I’d probably only take on with friends, otherwise, you might become frustrated extremely quickly.

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Production music contributed by Epidemic Sounds:
Sugadaisy – Everything Happens Fast


Deadside Steam Description: Deadside is a hardcore multiplayer shooter set in a large open world with wide gameplay possibilities. Experience a realistic post-apocalyptic game environment filled with NPCs and other players. Deadside is all about balancing the dynamics of a shooter and the hardcoreness of survival games. The world of the game focuses on realistic aspects of life within the ruins of a dead civilization. You won’t find zombies or radioactive bunny suits here.

If you read this all you’re a legend 🙂