2021 looks to be an impressive year for space games, bringing some updates and improvements which dramatically change what it means to be a space game. This video then, highlights many of the best titles for 2021, along with an outside look at what may be coming in 2022.

Intro footage from Space Engine

Elite Dangerous

No Man’s Sky

EVE Online

X4 Foundations – Cradle of Humanity

Mass Effect Remastered

Space Engineers

Star Wars Squadrons


Star Trek Online

Warframe – Duviri Paradox

The Outer Worlds

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Kerbal Space Program 2

Space Games Covered In Part 2
Dual Universe
Starpoint Gemini 3
Everspace 2
Hardspace Shipbreaker
Rogue Galaxy Outlaw
Infinity Battlescape?
Plus more…
Evochron Legacy
Mars Horizon

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