Space Stars: RPG Survival Game Gameplay (Android, iOS) – Part 1
Space Stars: RPG Survival Game is now available on Android and coming soon on OS. You can download from Google Playstore and iOS Apple Appstore when game is officially launched.

Game Mode: Online
Size : 1 GB
Device : S23 ULTRA

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▬▬▬ Description ▬▬▬
Inspired by classic space games comes a memories fueled, free to play adventure role playing games. Space Stars is an open world RPG with planets waiting to be raided.

Embark on an epic interstellar journey in our captivating adventure mobile RPG space games, where the vast expanse of space becomes your battleground and survival games is your ultimate quest. Prepare to explore uncharted galaxies, engage in thrilling galaxy battles, and unravel the mysteries of the project stars in a captivating narrative space games that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

In this RPG game, you assume the role of a space survivor traveler stranded in the far reaches of the universe after a catastrophic event where no man’s sky. With your spaceship as your only refuge, you must navigate through treacherous environments, scavenge for resources, and fend off hostile forces to ensure your life in survival games.

Step into a beautifully rendered open world space games environment, where stunning no man’s sky, unknown planets, and cosmic anomalies project stars await your discovery in survival game. With a seamless and immersive universe, you’ll be able to pilot your spacecraft freely, exploring distant stars and mysterious black holes, all while facing unique challenges and encounters in your quest for life in survival games.

Your ship is wrecked and you need to rebuild it. Search for resources and rebuild all life support systems and weapons inside the spaceship. Now it’s your shelter in survival game and it’s up to you to make sure it’s protected.