Welcome to part 1 of the Robin Hood Sherwood Builders Gameplay demo walkthrough a new RPG survival game that combines RTS base building strategy with third person crafting and survival gameplay in the open world of Sherwood Forest in England. Set in the medieval times you play as Robin Hood the Outlaw and are tasked with building a rebellion to face the sheriff of Nottingham. Today we will be hinting and surviving within the open world Forest of Sherwood and testing out the crafting by mining and woodcutting to build a blacksmith forge and craft our self better weapons. We will also be laying an ambush, have a souls like boss battle with a bear and attempt some Skyrim stealth gameplay as we sneak into the Sheriff of Nottingham’s castle. Robin Hood Sherwood builders was developed by MeanAstronauts and has a release date of 2022 on steam PC and currently has no plans to of a release date on console.

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βž– TimeStamps βž–
0:00 Gameplay Summery
1:48 Crafting a new bow
9:58 Hunting Gameplay
12:00 Combat & Open World Gameplay
17:32 Mining & woodcutting
20:30 Building Gameplay
26:55 Finding the GIANT Bear
32:13 Bear Boss Fight
38:12 Ambushing a convoy of Prisoners
42:14 Sneaking into the Castle

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