Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Survival mode highest at the time in MW3 Resistance.
MW3 Survival Mode Wave 100 + on Resistance

MW3 Survival Mode Wave 150 +:

WR on this map before hackers / modders / glitchers came to picture. I believe highest wave survived at the moment is over 400. Nonsense.

Friend of mine needed this world record so I decided to help him get it. This has been now beaten by hackers. Next time we might attempt for wave / round 100… or 110. We didn’t glitch or mod like so many others that got this far and much further. What’s the point. Introducing the Souvenier Shop Strategy.

Enjoy the strategy and good luck getting far with it. Unlike in zombies, these long games don’t take the whole week. We took a of lot breaks during those 5+ hours. Also, difficulty level rises the further you go. Wave 90 is not as easy as wave 40. The enemies get stronger and their guns deal more damage later on. Lack of money will most likely become an issue at some point.

Earlier waves of this game will be uploaded to my 2nd channel:


Check aZp Dims:

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 special ops high round gameplay and World Record by RelaxingEnd & aSg DimS on map Resistance (Paris). Shows best way “How to kill juggernaut”.

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