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urvive online with friends in PvP/PvE MMORPG. Open world zombie survival games.

Last Impact is a multiplayer survival game in which you will experience all the hardships of life after the apocalypse, fight against hordes of mutants and try to survive all the horrors of Doomsday. Create your survival squad from the last survivors and go on heroic raids!

– Choose your hero and pump him to resist alive and dead enemies.
– Choose your clan or create your own.
– Try to survive in an infected world: hunt, collect resources and loot.
– Craft weapons and armors, and build a safe shelter.
– Fight against wild animals, raiders, and hordes of zombies.
– Explore a post-apocalyptic world: deserts, forests, winter wastelands, abandoned cities etc.
– Just survive and outlive hunger, disease, raids of bandits and zombie mutants.

Your main goal is to survive at any cost and gain supremacy in the lands of the raiders. Join survival multiplayer, accept the challenge and prove to everyone that you deserve to be the best in the world of zombie apocalypse!

The human world has been perishing under the onslaught of the infected. But you are not the once human on Earth. Look for allies and join a squad of survivors. Improve your skills, get stronger, allocate roles and tasks to stay alive and prevent Doomsday together. Write your own rules of survival!

Life after the dawn of zombies is not easy. In this survival simulator multiplayer, you will have to deal with hunger, thirst, harsh conditions, and a mysterious plague. Various types of zombies will constantly keep you on your toes. Not everyone is worth fighting! Sometimes it’s better to run away. Don’t forget, your life and the lives of your squad members are at stake, be careful!

Explore a variety of locations of the dead world, complete quests, kill zombies, and fight bandits to uncover the story of the infection that led to the zombie apocalypse.

Features of DMP – Survival Multiplayer:
– Multiplayer with friends.
– Open world zombie game with PvP and PvE gameplay.
– Post-apocalyptic setting.
– Massive world with several dozen different locations.
– MMORPG raids and attack other clans.
– Clans and chat with other survivors.
– Extensive crafting and building system.
– NPC allies and pets.
– Action-adventure events and breathtaking updates.

Join other survivors in the multiplayer survival game, defeat all the walking dead and save humanity from the end of the world. Let’s survive the zombie apocalypse together!