Making My First Game, But In 24 Hours… So ya I made my first game ever in only 24 hours. If you couldn’t tell this video was inspired by Dani. Thank you for watching da vid cause I like big numbers.

If you wanna play the game then you can lol:

Second Channel:

My friends who reacted to the game:

Music by ContextSensitive:

Music In Order
j^p^n – bloom. [] Context Sensitive – Thick ()
Context Sensitive – Jelly Castle Remix ()
Context Sensitive – 20XX ()
The Price Is Right – Theme Song
Mndsgn – Homewards

Context Sensitive
Free Download:

Gun Models:
Dave / GameDevelopment:

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This video is sort of like Adding a Dragon Boss to my Game Because Steam is Mad at me (by Dani), I Made Minecraft but with Realistic Physics (by Steven), I Made Super Mario Bros but it’s 3D (by CodyCantEatThis), and I Made Minecraft in 24 Hours (By Sam Hogan).