I found this player and HAD to help him… #shorts
Come join this Minecraft Valatic SMP on Java or Bedrock on any device! Join this active server with your friends or by yourself for completely free!

Server IP ➤ play.valatic.net
Bedrock PORT ➤ 25583
Use code BLUEJAY to save on your purchase! Purchase crate-keys, ranks, and more on the Valatic store.
SMP Discord Server ►

To join the Public Minecraft Valatic SMP, watch the ENTIRE VIDEO for the server ip and port. Also, leave all your questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer!

The Public Minecraft Valatic SMP is just like the Dream smp and Lifesteal smp and you can join on Minecraft java, bedrock, or pocket edition. You can join anytime for completely free with your friends, or make some on the SMP! The server has an active, growing player base, exciting events, awesome server features, professional staff, and the world map is always expanding so you can explore! You can make friends with other players on the server at the spawn, or smp clubhouse too! There is even a server shop to get awesome items that support the Valatic SMP so it can keep the server running! On the Valatic SMP you can travel to many server locations, build cities, explore land, and even start governments or massive server wars! There are even different game modes on the server like Minecraft Lifesteal SMP, Earth SMP, and One Block! The possibilities on the Public Minecraft Valatic SMP are endless so join now and get started!

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This server is a 1.18-1.19.2 Minecraft server and nothing else. Consider Subscribing.
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