If you’ve recently been struggling to play and enjoy games as much as you used to, then this video could help! Recently I’ve been trying different ways to get back into gaming with as strong of a passion as I had as a child, and it’s actually been going quite well! So I really recommend trying out some of the tips in this video 🙂

I can confidently say that I actually worked really hard on this video. It took hours of editing together the audio and clips and I feel like it’s one of the first videos I can truly be proud of. I’m really going to try and up my game with the future uploads so if you enjoyed this one, please subscribe or share with people who might enjoy it too!


Big thank you to my partner, the Core gang, and the Phasmo friendos for making games a lot more fun to play the past few weeks. This type of video was also heavily inspired by a fellow YouTuber called “LankManDan” who has a second channel dedicated to healthy mindsets around games and content creation.

I used gaming footage from the following YouTube channels:
Cyboman Gaming

All other gaming footage was recorded by me.

Thanks for watching 🙂