This is a complete guide on how to play Ark and beat the first map, the island. No matter your experience in the game, skip ahead to the part of the video where you need help learning on how to get further in the game Ark Survival Evolved.

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0:00 How to play Ark Survival Evolved
0:25 How long it will take to beat the map
0:40 Experience run to level up fast
1:01 The basics of Ark
2:57 Armor and how weather affects your health
3:47 Early game progression
7:04 How to breed your own dinos
8:32 Further early game progression
11:10 Getting your first flyer, the pteranodon
12:11 Early Mid game progression
12:58 Unlocking Ark technology
18:30 Mid game progression
19:45 Start of end game progression
23:22 How to get ready for fighting the bosses
24:49 How to fight the Broodmother boss
32:03 How to fight the Megapithecus boss
37:55 How to fight the Dragon boss
47:59 How to fight the Overseer boss and ascend

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