Deadpoly’s Halloween event has ghost!!! Too Funny!

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DeadPoly is a polygon zombie survival looter shooter with base building and crafting. Your only goal is survival, everything else is optional.

**Play Your Way – Play single player, online server based multiplayer, or online co-op with friends
**Base Building – Find materials to fortify a building and use it as your base
**Crafting – Create hundreds of items for all types of situations
**Scavenging – Search the world or kill enemies to find items
**Gathering – Raw materials like wood, stone, metal, and more
**Semi-Realistic Gunplay – Guns have different calibers and shoot physical projectiles from the tip of the barrel
**Survival Mechanics – Keep your hunger and thirst under control to stay alive
**Collect – There are hundreds of unique items to collect
**Day/Night Cycle – Prepare for the darkness beforehand or you’ll regret it
**VOIP – Proximity voice chat

The world is in the beginning stages of a zombie apocalypse. Lawlessness has broken out around the globe. Survive at all costs.