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Myth of empires gameplay combines open world survival games with RPG skills such as horse taming, mounted archery, farming, crafting, base building, and multiplayer guild creation akin to an MMO game. Myth of Empires also has optional PVE or PVP severs with full loot PVP and mechanics to invade other severs with your troops and guild mates. You can engage in siege battles with other players forts and build battering rams, siege towers and much more. The game is set in Eastern China before medieval games are based in the 3rd century. Myth of Empires takes place in a 64km squared open world map with a simulated world full of NPC’s from bandit camps to non-player owned cities and mines that can be conquered. Many NPC’s can be recruited or trained into your own army. In this part 1 Myth of Empires gameplay walkthrough we will start with character creation then survival gameplay where I will give you early tips and tricks to survive early on to build your base, hunt craft weapons and manage your skills and survive the open world. You can use this as a starter guide to get started in Myth of Empires early access.

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➖ Time Stamps ➖
0:00 Character Creation
30:00 Early Survival Gameplay

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