In today’s GameSpot News, Persia talks about Blizzard announcing a new survival game amid the Microsoft acquisition, three new Star Wars games in the works – including a Jedi Fallen Order sequel, and more.

Blizzard has announced it’s working on a new survival game for PC and consoles in what looks to be a brand-new universe. Unfortunately, that’s about all we know at this point, along with a look at some concept art for the project.

Electronic Arts has announced major plans to create more Star Wars games, with its studios and partners developing three new games, including a sequel to Jedi Fallen Order, an FPS, and a strategy title with Respawn overseeing the development of all three games. However, EA did not announce any new Star Wars Battlefront games.

Lastly, Persia talks about New World’s latest update bringing some major changes to the endgame of Amazon’s MMORPG, most notably in the form of Expedition Mutators.

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