In this video, we will go over the the Top 5 New Survival Games Coming in February 2023! Games Like the Sons of the Forest, Wild Hearts and More!

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0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Dark and Darker
1:18 – Wild West Dynasty
2:05 – Wild Hearts
4:03 – Sons of the Forest
5:26 – Company of Heroes (Honorable Mention)
6:22 – Hogwarts Legacy (Honorable Mention)
7:04 – Atomic Heart (Honorable Mention)
7:38 – Blood Bowl 3 (Honorable Mention)
8:18 – The Day Before
10:47 – Outro

Comment down below What Are Your Best Survival Games of February 2023?

5. Dark and Darker:
4. Wild West Dynasty:
3: Wild Hearts:
2. Sons of the Forest:
1. The Day Before:

Company of Heroes 3:
Hogwarts Legacy:
Atomic Heart:
Blood Bowl 3:

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Thanks for watching the Video and hopefully we helped you Find The Best Survival Games in February 2023.

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