If you fancy a blocking good time, here are 7 games like Minecraft that you can play right now!

Let’s make one thing clear here- we’re not telling you to stop playing Minecraft. We would never do that to you. There’s a reason this pixel playground has still got players creating masterpieces a decade later.

When the creative juices aren’t flowing as much as usual, however, you might want to escape into a different game that still has the undeniable Minecraft charm, be it thanks to a similar art style or mechanic, and we’ve got just the thing.

So here are the best games like Minecraft to play right now:

Intro 00:00
1 Moonglow Bay 01:16
2 Valheim 02:12
3 Trove 03:08
4 Colony Survival 03:49
5 Dragon Quest Builders 2 04:36
6 Eco 05:23
7 Teardown 06:07
Outro 07:00

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