There’s nothing more nerve wracking than having to hunt for scarce food supplies as our character slowly starves to death. Or waking up on a seemingly empty beach only for someone to ride along on a velociraptor and pummel us with a club. We really enjoy spending hours building a suitable safehouse only for some green guy to meander along and blow it all up.

With all of their nuisances, it may seem odd to fall in love with survival games, but we do. We’ll always return to the, regardless of how badly they keep burning us. It’s especially true with this list of the best Xbox One survival games. They’re no less maddening, but they will always suck us back in.


00:00 Intro
01:19 Sheltered
02:10 Astroneer
02:53 The Solus Project
03:52 The Long Dark
04:55 Frostpunk
05:43 Don’t Starve
06:45 This War of Mine
07:38 Subnautica
08:43 Ark: Survival Evolved
09:53 Minecraft

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