Whether your special snake is flying around in the wind or you’re a cartoon that looks like it crawled out of a Tim Burton pitch meeting, survival games are a lot more eclectic than people give them credit for. Sure, there was a period where basically everyone wanted to be the next DayZ, but if you look a little closer on this list of the best PS4 survival games, you’ll notice that each game is different to the next.

The PlayStation 4 doesn’t really have nearly as many survival options as its PC counterpart, which is down to PC just being a far more natural home. When most survival games make their way to console, they’re not exactly what you would call shining bastions of technical ingenuity, the likes of DayZ and 7 Days To Die examples of that. However, with a little bit of patience, developers are able to bring their base building and dinosaur riding up to scratch.

Here, then, are some of the survival games you can find on PS4 that managed to successfully make the trip over from PC while allowing you to go swimming with the fishes, wear a horse mask while you kill zombies, and customise your “private place”.

Video games are weird.


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