Find out what other games play like Banished in all sorts of settings, from ancient and medieval times to sci-fi and post apocalyptic with different population sizes. These are 24 games of which most have been released, have good reviews and are mostly made by Indie developers, with a few yet to be released in 2022 and 2023. The big ones are Farthest Frontier, Surviving Mars, and Endzone – A World Apart while the more small-scale ones are Dawn of Man and Timberborn. Links to all of them are down below.

🔨How to Start – Surviving the Aftermath
💎Wandering Village preview:
☢ Endzone – A World Apart playlist:



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List of games in this video:
0:00 Showcase
0:39 Endzone – A World Apart
1:42 Dawn of Man
2:42 Planetbase
3:40 Surviving Mars
4:52 Ostriv
5:38 Settlement Survival
6:24 Life is Feudal: Forest Village
7:11 Kingdoms Reborn
8:05 Atomic Society
8:54 Patron
9:49 Kingdoms and Castles
10:47 Foundation
11:23 Surviving the Aftermath
12:26 Timberborn
13:22 Make your Kingdom
14:14 Aven Colony
15:17 Ancient Cities
15:59 Farthest Frontier
16:21 Laysara Summit Kingdom
16:46 Aquatico
17:10 Valand
17:26 Abyssals
17:48 The Wandering Village
18:16 Roman Triumph: Survival City Builder
18:41 More Future games?

🔹Endzone – A World Apart
🔸Dawn of Man


🔸Surviving Mars


🔸Settlement Survival

🔹Life is Feudal: Forest Village

🔸Kingdoms Reborn


🔸Surviving the Aftermath


🔸Make your Kingdom

🔹Aven Colony

🔸Ancient Cities

🔹Farthest Frontier

🔸Laysara Summit Kingdom




🔸The Wandering Village

🔹Roman Triumph: Survival City Builder

Music used:
Yonder Hill and Dale – Aaron Kenny
Kul Riddim – Konrad OldMoney
Annihilate – Jeremy Blake
Parzival – Will Rosati
Black Swan – Quincas Moreira
Chariots of War – Aakash Gandhi